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MANUFACTURER - JUM ORYGINAL s. c. whose registered office is at: 80-209 Chwaszczyno, ul. Wybickiego 27, Taxpayer Identification Number -
NIP: 5892012215, Companies Registration Office - REGON: 221960826
CATALOGUE - Internet service on the Internet website: http://jum.pl owned by the MANUFACTURER.
CUSTOMER - any adult person who is over 18 years old or a business entity not having legal personality who wants to acquire, purchase or place an order for specific products or services included in MANUFACTURER’S offer in CATALOGUE.
APPROVAL – an action of final project or template approval in order to run the PRODUCTION - made by CUSTOMER by electronic means (on “the main
email address”).
PRODUCTION - a process in which MANUFACTURER on the basis of the received APPROVAL - takes irreversible measures related to the final projects or designs production in quantities and specifications previously ordered by CUSTOMER.

CUSTOMER making a service or product selection through CATALOGUE places an official order addressed to MANUFACTURER.
1. 1) Ordering is possible only through CATALOGUE in which CUSTOMER has made a complete selection and product configuration, gave true contact data and approved these regulations.
1. 2) Any order changes or its updates require written form sent to the e-mail address of MANUFACTURER’S or consultant’s responsible for CUSTOMER ‘S order completion.
1. 3) Any order changes or its updates can be made only from “the main email address”.

2. 1) Order approval must be formally confirmed by MANUFACTURER who will guarantee its completion in this way.
2. 2) MANUFACTURER’S confirmation must include:
a) List of products and services selected by CUSTOMER.
b) The detailed price calculation and the total prepayment amount.
c) The data necessary to make a payment.
d) Confirmation of “the main e-mail address” (which will be used to make final approval and possible order changes).
e) Delivery address.
f) Shipping method.
g) Estimated PRODUCTION delivery time (does not concern services and products created for the customer individually).
h) Optional information associated with the order completion.

2. 3) Order confirmation will be sent to CUSTOMER’S e-mail address.

3. 1 Orders for products and services offered by MANUFACTURER will be completed after 100% prepayment.
3. 2) This prepayment is not treated as a deposit within the meaning of the civil code.
3. 3) CUSTOMER can prepay only on the basis of the order confirmation submitted by MANUFACTURER.
3. 4) Prepayments made before the order confirmation by MANUFACTURER - will not be considered as binding.
3. 5) MANUFACTURER will not take any actions related to the order completion until a prepayment is received.
3. 6) Order confirmed by MANUFACTURER but not prepaid by CUSTOMER expires naturally within 7 working days counting from the confirmation date with no further consequences for both sides.
3. 7) At the moment the prepayment is received by MANUFACTURER, the confirmed order completion starts.
3. 8) In the case of a resignation of an already prepaid order – CUSTOMER can get a refund of the deposited amount:
-100% if the cancellation occurred before graphic design is made or if the order completion is not possible due to MANUFACTURER'S fault.
-75% if at least one graphic design for presentation or approval was sent to CUSTOMER’S main e-mail address.
-The amount prepaid for the order will not be refunded if CUSTOMER has already made APPROVAL of the project or service and the order has been forwarded to production.
We kindly ask all CUSTOMERS to make considered purchase and APPROVAL of the projects.

3. 9) MANUFACTURER refunds or compensates to CUSTOMER for the cost of the purchased template at the moment when the main complete order is placed and the prepayment is made. The refund or compensation for the purchased templates (in case more than one are purchased) concerns only the templates which have been selected for the main order and account for its content.

Example: CUSTOMER purchased 2 different templates (Dezen invitation template and Maranna invitation template), later placed the main order for 50 pieces of Dezen invitation. – The refund will only concern Dezen template.

3. 10) At the time of the template purchase the current prices will be valid for CUSTOMER within a period of 6 months from the purchase date. Any price changes during this period will not apply to this CUSTOMER.

If the ordered product or service requires additional configuration (such as wedding invitations, additions, guest list, personalization, etc. ) MANUFACTURER will begin consultations with the CUSTOMER before starting the order production to settle the details of the order and their APPROVAL by CUSTOMER.

4. 1) Due to the technical nature of the information exchange and importance, all the resolutions and their APPROVAL will be sent by electronic means to the specified email address in the order form marked as “main email address”. Consultations may also be held by telephone or during personal meeting, however, MANUFACTURER may require additional formal confirmation of such arrangements by CUSTOMER each time.

4. 2) On the basis of the consultation MANUFACTURER (if necessary) will do the project/projects or templates in an electronic version to send to CUSTOMER’S “main email address” for APPROVAL.

4. 3) The background and graphic project/prototype or design colours sent by electronic means may be different from those in reality. It is associated with many aspects of technology, media properties, paints, papers, monitor colour profiles or with the handmade technique itself. These differences are beforehand concerned acceptable by CUSTOMER.

4. 4) Any designs or templates prepared for CUSTOMER will be completed only on the basis of materials provided by CUSTOMER. It applies in particular to a foreign language translation, guest list preparation or any other content intended for printing.

4. 5) MANUFACTURER reserves the right not to make spelling and grammar corrections of the content in CUSTOMER’S order. Any materials supplied by CUSTOMER should be previously prepared and verified.

5. 1) It is CUSTOMER’S responsibility to check submitted projects, templates, content or PROOF prototypes accurately before APPROVAL is made.

5. 2) When CUSTOMER’S APPROVAL is ambiguous, unreadable or questionable - MANUFACTURER can stop the order PRODUCTION without incurring any liability in this respect.

5. 3) Any APPROVALS received from CUSTOMER’S main email address are considered as conscious, definitive and legally binding.

5. 4) Projects, templates or other prototypes receive a “PREPARED” status at the moment of CUSTOMER’S APPROVAL and will be automatically transferred to PRODUCTION.

6. 1) Average order PRODUCTION time is between 7 to 21 working days, counting from the final consultation date, providing all required supporting materials and final APPROVAL of the project or the template by CUSTOMER.

6. 2) Working days are considered from Monday to Friday excluding all public holidays and bank holidays.

6. 3) Order PRODUCTION time can change depending on the quantity and order type, ordered product specifications and materials availability. In case of order term change MANUFACTURER will inform CUSTOMER beforehand.

7. 1) When PRODUCTION is finished, MANUFACTURER will provide the ready order to CUSTOMER’S address from the order form via external courier companies or by mail (according to CUSTOMER’S choice). CUSTOMER will bear the cost of delivery.

7. 2) CUSTOMER will receive a postal receipt by electronic means.

7. 3) MANUFACTURER ensures appropriate security of ordered products at the time of delivery.

7. 4) If in the case of delivery, the packaging is damaged - the basis for the complaint consideration is a formal statement written by CUSTOMER, in the presence of the courier/supplier, which should include:
- the date and location of the written statement (place and date of the actual delivery),
- damage description detailing names and quantities of destroyed pieces,
- consignee’s personal data (first name, surname, ID numbers and ID series),
-courier/supplier’s personal data (first name, surname, identification number, company name, tracking number),
- legible signatures of consignee and courier/supplier’s.

The statement along with the damaged items should be sent to MANUFACTURER'S address, given in CATALOGUE in the contact section with a request for equivalent of damaged goods or performance of its reproduction. In case of complaint approval shipping cost will be borne by MANUFACTURER. PLEASE NOTE! The statement written at different time than the parcel receipt or without courier/supplier’s participation - will be deemed null and void. CUSTOMER is required to check the content of the shipment upon receipt.

8. 1) MANUFACTURER guarantees the quality of their products in accordance with the standard presented in CATALOGUE and based on the quality policy of the company.

8. 2) CUSTOMER may receive a special quality assurance of personalized products production, made from scratch or configured individually, provided PROOF service is purchased.
PROOF service is performed by a single physical template copy of a project previously approved in electronic version, whose PRODUCTION has not started yet. Having received a PROOF template, CUSTOMER is guaranteed of the same completion standard of the remaining ordered amount.

8. 3) No account shall be taken of any complaint concerning the colour tones or other details, which cannot be clearly or precisely claimed on the basis of the project submitted in the electronic version. This applies in particular to the differences which may arise by the production and technological factors or different configurations and monitor colour profiles that display the design or template. In case CUSTOMER expects the precise copy of the order details, for example an exact colour match, shades, components, etc.- is obliged to inform MANUFACTURER in advance in order to make the final PROOF template and its final APPROVAL before PRODUCTION is started.

8. 4) Giving incomplete, incorrect or false contact data by CUSTOMER will be the basis to refuse order and automatically releases MANUFACTURER from all responsibility for prompt order completion and further-reaching guarantees.

8. 5) If CUSTOMER finds the delivered products inconsistent with the arrangements (with the approved project), is due to report the fact to MANUFACTURER by electronic means or by telephone, specifying the problem. In this situation, the following solutions are possible:
- CUSTOMER (if there is enough time) will return defective products at MANUFACTURER'S expense. In this case MANUFACTURER will perform on newly/complement fault free products in a high-priority way and send them to CUSTOMER’S address at MANUFACTURER'S expense.
- CUSTOMER (if there is not enough time) will pay for additional quantity of the products and MANUFACTURER will make fault free products in a high-priority way and send them to CUSTOMER’S address. At the same time CUSTOMER, in order to obtain the refund of purchase and shipping costs of defective products, will deliver them to MANUFACTURER'S address in order to consider a possible complaint. Complaint time is 14 days counting from the order delivery date.

9. 1) MANUFACTURER does not assume any liability for printing errors resulting form the templates, designs, content or graphic designs approved by CUSTOMER.

9. 2) MANUFACTURER does not assume any liability for not completed order in case it is MANUFACTURER’S fault. MANUFACTURER’s commitment to CUSTOMER is limited only to return of the full amount of the order prepayment.

9. 3) MANUFACTURER does not assume any liability for the consequences of not completed order, whose production has not been started or has been discontinued due to a lack of prepayment from CUSTOMER, even if there was an opportunity to inform CUSTOMER in advance.

9. 4) MANUFACTURER does not assume any liability for performance and service quality of subcontractors such as suppliers, couriers, mail or intermediary companies acting as MANUFACTURER’S regional representatives. At the same time MANUFACTURER shall use their best efforts to give CUSTOMER full support and assistance in solving problems.

9. 5) Parcels not collected by CUSTOMER can be stored at MANUFACTURER’S premises for a period of one year from the date of receipt return. After this date the parcel will be permanently destroyed.
In specific cases MANUFACTURER reserves the right to charge CUSTOMER with storage costs at the amount of 12,30 PLN for each storage day.

The Polish Law is the law applicable for MANUFACTURER and CUSTOMER when entering transactions of commercial or manufacturing nature, on conditions settled in the Regulations. Any disputes related to the services provided by MANUFACTURER connected with CATALOGUE, shall be settled by the competent Polish Court of General Jurisdiction.



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