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We have assembled here frequently asked questions, concerning order completion in JUM Oryginal Lab.
If you are looking for additional information, we invite you to send inquiries through our contact form in the
contact section.

It means nothing else than manual stamping of each item. You can imagine the creation process of each piece. Folding, stacking each layer, punching, sticking, binding, creasing, calibration, alignment and many other actions – all done manually.

All of that is done for our handicraft to have its own message.
Everyone will know and make sure that receiving our invitation, souvenirs, gifts…
…makes him someone special.

Our projects are made of the highest quality decorative materials, real gold, silver, diamonds, precious papers - produced only by a small group of suppliers in the world. It takes a lot of weeks of trial and exploration of relevant materials before the project takes a particular form.

We can guarantee with great responsibility that the projects created in our lab will reinforce the prestige and ensure recognition of every event they are dedicated to.

JUM Oryginal invitation templates have graphics and fonts that have been individually designed and matched to each template by the designer.
You can introduce any possible content - however, fonts style and graphic design must remain consistent with the template copyright and cannot be changed.

These details change will make the invitation completely different from its basic message. Please, trust us - our invitations are particularly refined in this respect.

If you are interested in making an individual project, we invite you to the artStyle section in which we will create the project matched to your wedding day ceremony.

Orders are completed immediately after receiving the confirmation on our email address. The completion time depends on the order quantity and materials availability. Standard delivery time is from 5 up to 14 working days, counting from the payment date, the approval of graphic design and delivery all of the supporting materials that you will be asked for by our consultant.

In the case of individual artStyle projects, delivery deadlines are settled individually.

A. The customer chooses templates or products from our catalogue, specifies the quantity in the order form and gives contact data.
B. Our consultant sends the order confirmation on “the main e-mail address” and completes all the necessary information with the customer. The customer should pay for the order on the basis of the confirmation.
C. Once all the details are settled and the graphic design is approved by the customer – our lab starts the stamping process.
D. Your order will be securely packed and sent to the address specified in the order.

Yes, after shipment cost settlement.

Yes, if the billing data in the order form contains company data, Taxpayer Identification Number (NIP) or Personal Identity Number (PESEL), the invoice is issued automatically.

If your order must be cancelled for any reason, this must be immediately reported to JUM Oryginal Customer Service (biuro@jum.pl).
The refund details of the currently borne costs are specified in our regulations.
If your order has been delivered in a damaged packaging, you are requested to write a statement in the presence of the courier, stating the extent of the damage and the amount of damaged items. To provide you with full support in such a situation, please contact us as soon as possible, before signing the statement with the shipping courier.

The full content of our current regulations can be
found here.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us on email: biuro@jum.pl or telephone number +48 785 695 182 News | Information for partners | Work at JUM Oryginal | Contact

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