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Work on your individual project will create an ideal harmonic composition
which will reflect every detail of the ceremony’s true atmosphere.

1. Booking an appointment
In case you decide for an individual project, we will
need a bit more time than in case of our catalogue
templates. Therefore we advise you to
us 6 weeks
ahead of a scheduled invitation
delivery deadline or even earlier - if you plan
to send the save the date cards..

2. Design consultation
The consultation begins once the deadline of
the project is settled. During the consultation
time we will determine all the details of the
invitation card project and value any possible
suited items. You will also be presented with
a customized price offer. The samples and all
the necessary information
will be handily
provided to your email address in order to refine
the details and get your approval.

3. Project’s Approval
The consultation time will end when the presented
sample meets your expectations and will get
your final approval. Once the final template
is approved you will be asked to make the
agreed payment in accordance with the
previously presented price offer. At this point,
the final guest list should be delivered.

4. Invitation cards stamping, delivering
After you make a payment and forward the final
guest list the stamping of your wedding cards
will start. It usually takes 14 working days
(from Monday to Friday).

The delivery time depends mainly on the
complexity of a specific sample and the current
materials availability.

You can expect our total involvement in the creation
of your desired invite and in attentive selection of the highest quality materials – this is what JUM Oryginal lab
is famous for since the year 2007.

Fix the consultation appointment

Catalogue of our ready-make templates

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